Nash+Banks advertising in office


NASH + BANKS is an online platform for change. A one-stop-shop for people looking to curate their lives with products that have a positive impact. As a young, online, platform for change, Nash+Banks were looking to drive brand awareness, sales and connect with a highly relevant and highly contextual audience.

oOh! Solution

NASH + BANKS chose to advertise exclusively across oOh!’s City network. These environments were perfect to drive brand awareness and connect with a conscious, affluent audience and diversify our marketing mix beyond online. The ability to deliver a targeted national campaign at scale was key alongside the opportunity to engage consumers in moments of pause and reflection during their working week and leisure time. Throughout the campaign period, we ran 3-4 creatives for each format, allowing us to showcase the diverse range of ethical and sustainable products that we offer, targeted to each environment that the creative was displayed in.


From the first day of the campaign launch, the brand saw an immediate increase in new users to the website and an uplift across core metrics throughout the campaign period. A significant increase in all key metrics on the brands platform was also recorded:

  • Online store sessions increased by 138% on the previous month
  • Pageviews increased by 157.39% month on month
  • Average order value was up 99% month on month
  • Total number of orders was up 94% month on month
  • Revenue from sales increased by 298% month on month

The products which were featured in the campaigns Out of Home creative also drove significant results, the top product – the Helena necklace, driving an increase of as much as 572% in net sales during the four week campaign.

Read more in the full media release.