City-focused campaign delivers results for NASH + BANKS

Nash+Banks advertising in office

Ethical e-commerce platform NASH + BANKS has enjoyed a significant increase in sales following a recent oOh!media campaign targeting returning city audiences.

Results from the late October campaign, which ran nationally for four weeks across oOh!’s office and café networks, showed a 94 per cent spike in orders and a 99 per cent increase in the average order value compared to the previous month.

Revenue from sales increased by 298 per cent month on month, while one of the products featuring exclusively in the Out of Home campaign saw a sales boost of over 550 per cent. Additionally, online store sessions jumped by 138 per cent and page views rose by over 150 per cent on the previous month.

Tim Murphy, oOh!’s Chief Sales Officer, said the campaign demonstrated the results Out of Home and the company’s office and café environments could deliver for a growing young brand, at a time when big-spending Australians were returning to work in greater numbers.

“The team at NASH + BANKS had a very specific idea of who they wanted to target to drive awareness and reactive engagement – an affluent audience committed to sustainability and interested in authentic brands,” he said.

“The size of our office and café networks enabled us to reach this audience with high frequency, especially as people in cities are coming back to their offices, and helped extend and diversify NASH+ BANKS’ marketing mix beyond online.”

Niccii Kugler, Founder and CEO of NASH + BANKS, said oOh!’s ability to deliver a targeted national campaign at scale was key to its success.

“We felt there was a real opportunity here to engage consumers in moments of reflection during their working week via the office environment, and then in their leisure time in cafes,” she said.

“All other channels in our media mix were well established, with measured results and tracking in place prior to the oOh! campaign launching. From the first day we saw an immediate increase in new users to the website, and an uplift across our core metrics throughout the campaign period.

“Based on the new consumer profiles, we have diversified our consumer base and significantly grown our data set, which was a strategic objective that will fuel future campaigns.”