oOh! DataScience™ is our global-leading data and insights capability, built from real world customer behaviour. The data suite arms advertisers with the tools to inform audience led planning, engage category buyers at location at scale, and measure campaign performance and ROI through enhanced attribution reporting.

The DataScience suite incorporates transactional data from Australia’s leading brands to inform audience led planning and measure ROI and attribution, industry and market profiling; audience measurement; creative effectiveness; and access to the largest database of ROI norms in Australia, to inform truly unmissable Out of Home campaigns.

Smart Reach

Smart Reach is a global-leading planning tool leveraging transactional data at scale from partners Unpacked by Flybuys and Westpac DataX. Smart Reach leverages transactional data from over 14mil Australian’s and over 2 billion transactions annually to optimise campaign placement for brands against over 800 category buyer segments mapped to oOh!’s 35,000 locations. Smart Reach provides campaign planning across all major advertising categories, powered by insight across the full customer wallet and to the basket level in the grocery category.

66% of brands that achieved significant growth did so by increasing penetration of category shoppers* – Source: Analytic Partners, 2019

Taking a category buyer approach is proven to deliver nearly twice the ROI than targeting traditional demographics – Source: Analytic Partners, 2019

In short, Smart Reach delivers access and optimisation to more relevant audiences to drive stronger return on investment.

Brand Buyer Tracking

Brand Buyer Tracking brings campaign attribution and return on investment to the out of home industry for the first time. This exclusive capability reports on sales and business based on real world transactional behaviour. Harnessing data from Unpacked by Flybuys and Westpac DataX, Brand Buyer Tracking proves campaign effectiveness through real, measurable results, measures shifts in sales-based metrics, and reports to a basket level in FMCG and Alcohol and to a brand or retailer level for other categories.

Reporting metrics from sales volumes, brand penetration and market share through to new customer conversion and available only with oOh!, Brand Buyer Tracking closes the loop on out of home campaign performance and ROI based on the metrics that matter – whether customers went on to purchase.

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Ocean Spray used Smart Reach to optimise their campaign to category buyers and Brand Buyer Tracking to measure campaign attribution and ROI

In a highly competitive category, with the launch of two new products, Ocean Spray aimed to increase purchase and penetration within the Fruit Juice – Long Life category.

Aiming to reach category buyers at scale and communicate key product benefits, Smart Reach was used to optimise campaign delivery to Health Conscious Buyers across oOh! Road and Retail assets for an audience led, multi format Out of Home campaign.

The campaign saw Ocean Spray attract +25% increase in brand buyers over the campaign period. In addition, the campaign was key to driving trial, with 62% of customers being new to the brand, and Ocean Spray as a result seeing an increase in market share and penetration compared to the benchmark period.

Data Science Research and Audience Measurement

Because understanding how people think allows us to give back to clients and the broader industry, our data science platform extends to industry-endorsed audience measurements and independent third-party research.

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