Cactus Imaging is an internationally recognised digital printing facility providing 100% roll-to-roll, world-class quality printing.

Through a 24-year working partnership, and owned outright by oOh! since 2016, Cactus has established itself as an expert in Out of Home print requirements working closely with the oOh! team to fulfil client objectives with the highest quality and attention to detail.

With speed to market paramount, Cactus is generating up to 75,000sqm of printing per month, with 83% of jobs printed within three days of approval.  Cactus is a one stop shop for clients and campaigns on any scale, with the ability to deliver to specific spot-colour requirements, as well as special builds and extensions.

Committed to sustainable practices, Cactus provides eco-conscious clients the option of an eco-printing range.

Smart Skins

Our 100% recyclable billboard skins are 40% lighter than standard billboard skins which helps installers on site and improves safety. The Smart Skins can be repurposed into various high grade recycled polymer products such as benches, sleepers, bollards, and outdoor furniture, and the material is pest, rot and fire resistant, as well as maintenance free.

Recyclable Street posters

Our 100% recyclable synthetic paper is used for classic poster advertising for bus shelters.  The paper can be repurposed into various finished products such as plastic pot plant holders and garbage bins.

PVC-free decals

Our PVC-free self-adhesive decals are used in train stations across floors, walls and escalators for complete Station Domination. PVC-free materials supports healthier environment with less toxic ingredients released into our ecosystem.