A smarter, more powerful way to connect to students

oOh! university advertising is the simplest and most powerful way to connect with students on their turf across Australia at scale. Covering more than 100 Uni and TAFE campuses nationwide, our Study network reaches over 1.4 million students with 220 content-enriched digital screens and 120 static panels in student hubs on campus.

Target Gen Z on their turf

True digital natives: from earliest youth, they have been exposed to the internet, to social networks, and to mobile systems. That context has produced a hypercognitive generation very comfortable seeking their own info from many sources causing their media consumption to be fragmented. oOh! study offers brands all the unmissable attributes of OOH within a campus environment on Gen Z’ers turf.

oOh!’s network includes the most prestigious campuses across the country including the Big 8 – The University of Sydney, UNSW, The University of Melbourne, Monash, The University of Queensland, The University of Adelaide, The University of Western Austalia & Australian National University, providing brands the unmissable platform to target the future leaders of Australia. ​

Back in the classroom

One of the biggest step changes in the return to the ‘old’ normal is it is now compulsory for all students enrolled in on-campus courses and paying on-campus tuition fees to attend classes. This means it is back to ‘old’ normal of minimum attendances to all tutorials and lectures of 80%, limited to no online learning facilities being provided for tutorials with delayed postings of lectures provided as an additional study service. ​

International governments are also pushing students to return to class with Chinese Government ordering students enrolled in Australian universities to return to Australia and complete their courses in-person and on campus or their degrees will not be honoured in China. This has been a major policy shift, with other international governments also following suit.

After a few years of online learning be it in high school or as they had started their tertiary learning journey, students are taking advantage of their time on campus spending over 10 hours a week of their leisure time on campus in the campus bars, gyms, cafeterias, cafes, study heals & student unions. ​Universities are once again a key community hub for a Gen Z audience to connect and grow. ​


oOh!’s 220+ digital panels deliver powerful university advertising through on-campus brand engagements, strategically placed in high-dwell, high reach social hubs including main student thoroughfares, meeting points, student lounges and café and bar areas and our static panels create effective, dominating brand reach campus-wide, also located in high dwell social hubs.


Our Solutions

oOh! motion

oOh! motion is the ultimate solution for brands looking to extend their video campaigns to Out of Home advertising. Whether it’s social, online or traditional video, make your video content work harder on our full motion digital network - transforming the way advertisers connect and engage with audiences in brand-safe environments. This product offers advertisers an efficient video-extension solution by utilising a single portrait spec across a majority of oOh!’s motion-enabled assets.

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Ways to Buy Out of Home

Discover the different ways to buy Out of Home advertising with oOh!media, including the traditional way, an audience-led approach and programmatic options. Efficient, flexible solutions for outstanding results.

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Powered by the leaders in retail out of home, oOh!media, reooh is a turnkey digital out of home solution designed specifically for brands to enable them to fast-track the growth of their owned media businesses by offering a digital out of home network as part of their integrated owned media offering.

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Our global-leading DataScience capability makes brands powerfully unmissable through data integration from the most robust, formidable research and data partners.

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Through creative ideation, creative artwork development, special builds and creative production, our innovative teams make brands powerfully unmissable with cutting edge ideas.

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Making public spaces better with premium content and professional content strategy for some of the world’s leading brands.

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Cactus Imaging provides world-class quality printing for Out of Home formats. Cactus prides itself on fast turnarounds and the continued development of the eco-product range.

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