Ways to Buy Out of Home

What are the ways to buy Out of Home media?

No matter the size or nature of your business, buying with oOh! has never been easier. There are three ways to plan and buy Out of Home. Not sure which way is right for you? Our team can guide you.

The Traditional Way

You would use the traditional way when you are focusing on specific formats, networks or locations. By buying the traditional way, you can pick exactly where you want your campaign to appear, offering you control.

Our approach covers format, environment, location, proximity, site attributes (classic, digital, full motion), objective and creative.

Outcomes are determined by the main objective of the brief, whether that be proximity, Local Area Marketing (LAM), reach targets, panel numbers, broadcast and more.

The Better Way

You would use the Better way when you have a desired consumer and allow oOh! to deliver smart audience reach and attribute the transactional outcomes.

oOh! reaches more audiences every day than any other media provider. With transaction-based solutions which allow for the most accurate targeting of category buyers, oOh! can deliver audiences at scale more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

Leveraging aggregated, de-identified transactional data from nine million active Flybuys members and over 2 billion annual Westpac card transactions, oOh! empowers data-led campaign solutions and robust attribution reporting for advertisers and agencies across 800 audience segments, covering categories such as FMCG, beverages, retail, travel, banking, insurance, entertainment, QSR (quick service restaurant), as well as deep lifestyle targeting insights. Westpac DataX’s de-identified and aggregated solution, based on more than 12 million customers and six million daily card transactions will provide advertisers and agencies access to a comprehensive understanding of consumer behaviour, helping them to plan more effectively to drive better customer experiences and attributable outcomes with oOh!.

By taking this category buyer approach, return on investment doubles when compared to traditional Out of Home planning.

The four guiding principles:

  • 1+ Reach
  • Multi-format
  • Audience (targeting buyers)
  • Blend (environment)

Brand Buyer Tracking

Measure changes in brand buying behaviour.

We want to provide confidence that oOh!’s Better Ways To Buy will deliver outstanding results for clients. As such, we will be offering clients who plan and buy this way, Brand Buyer Tracking.

For the first time, the Brand Buying Tracking report allows clients to measure campaign effectiveness via transactional data, enabling clients to see shifts in brand and category buying behaviour.

Learn more about the Better way to buy and Brand Buyer Tracking. You can also review case studies of brands who have used the Better way here.

The Programmatic Way

Programmatic trading offers a new level of performance and efficiency to hyper-targeted, contextually relevant audiences at scale.

Our programmatic trading offering is increasing across our diverse and substantial asset portfolio, including large format, street furniture, retail and office networks, enabling clients to buy scaled programmatic Out of Home campaigns.

The combined market coverage of Hivestack and Vistar Media as a supply side platform, together with their large integrations with omnichannel Demand-Side Platforms (DSP) will support our continued programmatic growth.

Our approach to Programmatic ensures the sustainable growth of the sector, and we know that it needs to drive the best outcome for you, our advertisers. PDOOH should complement (not contradict) what makes Out of Home unique.

Why Programmatic DOOH?

Programmatic Digital Out of Home (PDOOH) is the automated buying and selling of digital Out of Home, traded in an impressions currency

The sophistication of technology and data has enabled us to evolve Out of Home and bring it into the digital and online ecosystem.

This expansion of Out of Home provides new ways of transacting, however it does not replace digital or traditional OOH.