Why Out of Home?

Why should advertisers and brands consider Out of Home or Outdoor Advertising for their next campaign?

Out of Home is a powerful way to connect advertisers with audiences in the real world and to reach consumers in contextually relevant environments in a variety of locations.


What is Out of Home advertising?

Out of Home advertising, also known as ‘OOH’ and sometimes referred to as ‘Outdoor advertising’, is a form of advertising that has the power to reach consumers when they are outside of their home, and in public spaces. OOH reaches more people than any other advertising channel.

It has the power to capture the attention of consumers as they go about their daily routines, whether they are driving, walking, shopping, using public transport, waiting for a flight, going to the office, or on campus, Out of Home is always-on, capturing and engaging audiences in the real world.

Located in public spaces, brands have the potential to reach a wide audience, targeting people who are difficult to reach through other media channels, such as TV and online.

You can find OOH assets across a number of environments such as shopping centres, train stations, offices, universities, airports, roadside, and bus shelters. Additionally, formats can vary from static printed posters and billboards, to full motion video, to digital screens that dynamically update based on a number of triggers.


The Unmissable Format

Out of Home advertising is more likely to be seen and remembered. Unlike other mediums, it can’t be muted, blocked, or switched off. Audiences can’t skip or fast-forward through outdoor advertising.

Through constant exposure and eye-catching designs, Out of Home is a truly unmissable channel for brands to engage with audiences.

Further, oOh!’s most recent study How Aussies Move shows that 82% of people are Out of Home every single day – making 4.9 trips on average – compared to other traditional media channels that are seeing audiences decline.

The Trusted Format | Ensure Brand Safety with Out of Home

In a world where building trust for brands seems to get harder each year, Out of Home is one of the most trusted mediums.

Advertisers have full control of creative and location, meaning your advertising is typically placed in controlled environments that are selected to align with the values of your brand and target audience.

Advertising in public spaces is subject to government regulations and guidelines ensuring your campaign is appropriate for public display.

With versatility, reach, and impact, Out of Home can be used to achieve a wide range of objectives throughout the marketing funnel.

Industry Standards & Measurement

Independent verification allows advertisers to monitor their contracted and achieved plays on our assets:

  • Digital verification
  • Physical verification
  • Proof of play
  • Proof of posting (POPs)

Verification is undertaking through third-party platforms Seedooh, OIS, Veridooh, Thorndyke (AIS)

MOVE 1.5 is the biggest innovation in Out of Home measurement, with one of the key updates being the standardisation of Share of Time (SOT) principles, as well as the introduction of Likelihood to See (LTS) and Opportunity to See (OTS) to digital forms. MOVE 1.5 has created a common baseline currency across the industry to measure, compare, transact and verify campaign outcomes. Learn more about MOVE here.

The Reach Builder  

Out of Home is a reach building powerhouse and can build high reach at speed, driving cost efficiencies for brands.  

By placing ads in high-traffic areas or locations with high dwell time, advertisers can expose their messages and creatives to large audiences to increase brand awareness.   

Our network specifically reaches 77% of all Australians and 95% of Metro Australians weekly. OOH Reaches all people including light, medium and heavy consumers of other media channels.  

Maximise your Media Mix ROI by Incorporating OOH 

Out of Home delivers strong ROI for advertisers. An Analytic Partners ROI Study in 2021 uncovered the following insights around how Out of Home is a priority medium for ROI, doing the heavy lifting for your campaign and making other media perform better:

  • Maximising 1+ reach over planning to a location delivers 24% higher ROI
  • Planning to a category buyer delivers more than 2x the ROI than planning to a demographic
  • A multi-channel approach delivers 21% higher ROI than a single channel
  • Campaigns using a combination of classic and digital deliver 43% higher ROI than planning to digital alone
  • A channel combination of OOH+Digital delivers the best ROI for campaigns under $1M
  • 41% of your Out of Home ROI comes down to the creative

Discover the full report.


Why oOh!media?

As the industry leader in Out of Home advertising, we offer a comprehensive range of out-of-home advertising solutions to help brands reach a wide, diverse, or specific audience.

Our high-quality creative, engaging, and interactive installations and targeted messages directly speak to the needs and desires of specific audiences and are designed to capture the attention of audiences in the real world.

With a focus on brand safety, technology, and expertise we have the superpower to reach audiences at scale, making brands unmissable.

Simply, we’re Better

Better Scale and Network

Our extensive network of more than 35,000 digital and static asset locations across regional and metro Australia gives us the ability to reach 77% of Australians on a weekly basis. In short, we offer the largest Out of Home ecosystem, delivering audiences at scale and driving the highest 1+ reach for brands. oOh! is the only provider with coverage in every single state and territory.

Our network of Billboards, Street Furniture, Retail, Enterprise, Office and Study captures audiences at scale. Whether you’re looking for a local targeted approach or a wide scale reach we offer a range of formats.

Better Data and Audience

Using world-leading data sources we help brands plan to audience, engage at location and chart campaign performance based on transactions prior to, during and post campaign to understand the impact of the campaign.

Frequently Used Data Sets

  • MOVE: Official provider of audience measurement in metro markets for the Australian Out of Home Industry. Providing standardized industry measurement allowing Out of Home media to be truly compared based on consistent metrics.
  • Nielsen: Nielsen’s Consumer and Media View (CMV) dataset with a nationally representative sample of 30,000 Australians aged 14+.
  • Location IQ: Independent report into the Retail media landscape, including Out of Home operator coverage, turnover, traffic and retailer proximity insights.
  • SmartReach: Transactional data for purchase-based audience targeting, powered by transactional data of 80% of Australian households.
  • GeoTribes Explorer: A powerful mapping and audience tool using geoTribes and geoSmart segmentation and data from ABS, including the Census.

Better Creative, Content and Innovation

The creative used in your campaign accounts for 41% of Out of Home ROI.

Through our content and creative hub, POLY, we push the boundaries of what Out of Home can achieve – capturing more attention and driving better ROI.

We are the experts in creative for Out of Home, and can ensure your campaign is fit for the level of engagement it will receive – Drive By, Walk By, or Stand By.

Discover innovation and flexibility with our industry-leading Dynamic Digital capabilities. From dayparting, to dynamic campaigns triggered by weather, special events, prices, and inventory and more, we can provide a solution.

POLYGRAPH – Our Creative Effectiveness Study

Using transactional data, POLYGRAPH is able to help brands understand what Out of Home creative attributes can be seen to correlate to the highest shifts in brand purchasing and preference, from the:

  • Colour used
  • Logo placement
  • Use of talent
  • Use of motion
  • Contextual relevance of copy
  • Number of creatives deployed, and many more.

Better Ways to Buy

oOh! has the scale and access to in depth transactional data to successfully plan, buy and measure campaign performance

Learn about the three ways to plan and buy Out of Home with oOh! – the Traditional way, the Better way, and the Programmatic way.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

We have a critical focus on reducing negative impact across our entire ecosystem, ensuring that we are constantly reviewing, adapting and adopting practices that support a sustainable future.

Learn about our Environmental, Social & Governance strategy and actions.