oOh! Community

Our vision is to shine a light on important community issues and organisations to help generate positive change for our Australian and New Zealand communities.

We do this by creating deep connections and meaningful impact through our unmissable network, online platforms and print capabilities, combined with our employee’s passion and expertise.

Community Partners

We partner with a range of not-for-profit organisations working across causes including cancer research and support services, mental health, Indigenous education, social welfare, and children’s services.

Powerfully Unmissable Outreach

oOh! Community partners become powerfully unmissable through our extensive network and reach, allowing them to raise awareness, promote fundraising initiatives and drive donations.

Our people are impassioned drivers behind these causes, volunteering their time and skills.

In the Spotlight: Partner Case Studies

Orange Sky

oOh! Community partnered with Orange Sky in early 2020 supporting Orange Sky’s ambition to not only provide laundry and shower services to people experiencing homelessness, but to facilitate connection through conversation which deeply resonated with the team at oOh!. Orange Sky’s Continue Connection campaign, brought forward this year due to Covid-19 highlighted their mission to positively connect communities and do all they can to make sure the conversation doesn’t stop. The campaign was supported across both oOh! and Junkee Media.

Thanks to the amazing support of oOh!media and a five-week extension of the campaign this year due to Covid-19, our end of financial year appeal was a huge success. We saw fantastic results from the campaign, including an 83% uplift on the 2019 Tax Campaign and exceeded our campaign revenue target by 63%. Our team also ignited conversation with almost 100 first time givers, really landing our message for continued connection.” – Laura Stokes, Chief Marketing Officer, Orange Sky


oOh! has a long history of supporting Lifeline, recognising the importance of the mental health services they provide. Through the COVID-19 pandemic this support has been instrumental and we’re proud to help Lifeline to share their message that no matter what, Lifeline is here to help.

Hello Neighbour campaign
Lifeline Australia launched this campaign in March 2020 to encourage Australians to reach out to those around them, especially those who may struggle through the physical restrictions brought about by COVID-19 lockdowns. Lifeline believed it was important to reassure people that their services would continue through this difficult time.

Through COVID-19 and beyond
This campaign launched in June 2020 to acknowledge the work of Australians in finding creative ways to connect through lockdown and to encourage the community to continue to reach out to those struggling. The campaign also reminds Australians that Lifeline is there throughout COVID-19 and beyond.

“The power of the partnership between oOh!media and Lifeline Australia cannot be overstated, it saves lives.  Out of Home placement has been a critical component in helping us get important messaging to the community that Lifeline is here for them and we are very grateful. 

 This partnership has really come to the fore since the bushfire devastation, quickly followed by Covid-19.  We were able to respond immediately and reassure the community that they were not alone and that Lifeline would continue to be available 24 hours a day through our 13 11 14 phoneline. We also shared important messages that encouraged people to consciously and creatively connect with those around them.  Australians are turning to Lifeline now, more than ever in our 57-year history and we’ve been able to respond to their calls.  This wouldn’t have been possible without the support of oOh!.” Lisa Cheng, Executive Director, Fundraising and Marketing, Lifeline Australia.

Partnering with oOh! Community

oOh! takes great pride in supporting its communities.  We will provide updates here when we’re available for future partnerships.