Environment, Social and Governance


At oOh! we have increased our investment and commitment to sustainability with the creation of an Environmental and Social Governance (ESG) team to drive our sustainability program and embed it throughout our business operations and company culture. Our ESG program is an integral business priority linked to the long-term sustainable growth of the Company, while balancing the risk of the impacts of environmental and social concerns to the business, including climate change.

Our ESG Philosophy: Action over words, empowering every employee

Impact where it matters for our planet

Adapting what we do to have a sustainable impact on public spaces and our planet

  • Invest in the future – adaptively design for future public spaces, with consideration to circular economy principles, waste reduction and raw materials used
  • Reduce our GHG emissions and switch to renewable energy
  • Reshape our supply chain to a local-first approach



Impact where it matters for our people

Creating the best environment for our people, communities and brands

  • Create grassroot avenues for every employee to have an impact and be more sustainable
  • Provide a healthy and supportive work environment for our people and provide the brand-safety for advertisers and partners
  • Use our purchasing power and platforms to generate improvement in the lives of people and communities



Impact where it matters for better business

Being transparent and accountable as we strive to inspire a better future

  • Strive for best in class reporting and disclosure frameworks
  • Encourage our partners to be accountable and deliver sustainable solutions alongside us
  • Provide transparency of our approach towards OOH industry-wide environmental and social related issues




Our most recent ESG Actions and Achievements

  • 5,000 advertising panels in our control across ANZ on solar or GreenPower (as at December 2022)
  • The only Out of Home operator that provides advertisers with 100% recyclable billboard skins
  • All 17 oOh! Depots and offices now powered by renewable energy
  • oOh! Advertising panels in 40 major retail centres, plus nationwide Business Lounges and Clubs powered by renewable energy supplied by our commercial partners (as at December 2022)
  • Certified carbon net zero by Toitū Enviocare program, designed to measure and reduce the Scope 1 – 3 emissions of our NZ operations
  • We place low energy LED lighting wherever possible across our networks of assets, to reduce our energy consumption
  • In our New Zealand operation, 100% of our street furniture assets are powered by renewable energy
  • oOh! continuously monitors labour and environmental practices of supply chain and is adopting a local first approach where feasible
  • Increased focus on high-risk products and countries of origin in our supply chain
  • Our ‘Reflect’ Reconciliation Action Plan endorsed by Reconciliation Australia and launched on 5th April 2023.
  • $16m of support to our community partners in CY22 totalling $121m since 2017
  • Senior female leadership representation increased 8% to 49%
  • We are a founding and supporting partner of the Family Friendly Workplace Initiatives
  • We are committed to reducing misinformation on our platforms and in the community. To support this, we have prepared anti-greenwashing guidelines based on the ACCC’s eight principles of good practice.


Our 2023 Gender Pay Gap Analysis

In 2024 the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) released the inaugural private sector employer gender pay gaps. To date, employers have only known how their businesses compare to their own sector’s average and those of other industries. From 2024 all companies with 100 employees or more are required to disclose workforce composition, annual base salary, total remuneration, and other related data, each year – for all to see.

The inaugural 2023 WGEA report confirmed a “negative” gender pay gap for oOh! of -2.2%, which indicates women on average are paid more than men in our workplace. This is against an Industry Comparison Group of +14.6%.

This positive result for women is one we are hugely proud. It takes a lot for a business to achieve a gender pay gap that favours women and we’ve been working hard with dedicated strategies in place for a number of years now.

Read more about our diversity, equity and inclusion strategies that relate specifically to women in our 2023 Gender Pay Gap Report Employer Statement.



We have recently launched our Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP). Our initial RAP will lay the foundations of our company’s commitment to listening and learning, and in turn, gives us an even greater understanding and awareness of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

oOh!’s RAP has been endorsed by Reconciliation Australia and was created in consultation with Two Point Co, a 100% Indigenous-owned consultancy that provided education workshops for our board, executive leadership team and the RAP working group and guided the development of the RAP.

To mark the Reflect RAP, we commissioned emerging artist, GO Foundation alumni and Wiradjuri woman, Lua Pellegrini, to create a bespoke artwork reflecting our purpose to make public spaces better. oOh!’s commitment to connect people and environment is represented with the colours and segments representing the vibrancy and diversity of Country across Australia and New Zealand. The work includes six prominent concentric circles to reflect oOh!’s six offices across both countries, which are connected by beautiful waterways.

As Australia’s leader in Out of Home and through our partnerships with advertisers, governments and commercial property partners we have a unique opportunity to build sustainable, supportive and resilient communities and to strengthen the connection Australians have with First Nations cultures and promote respect, trust, and positive relationships.


Our RAP commits to a range of actions and deliverables designed to strengthens awareness of and relationships with Australia’s First Nations people and drive meaningful reconciliation action across the entire oOh! business.



Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

When we all come together as one oOh!, united by our differences….

We innovate faster

We break down barriers

We understand each other better

We bring our whole selves to work

We’ve set the standards and behaviours we live by as an employer with diverse teams and an inclusive culture

If we are to lead the way in a digital first future we must do that as a team united by what makes us different. That’s why we are firmly focussed on diversity, equity and inclusion and a workplace where everyone has the opportunity to do their best work and be their best selves.

By being more reflective of the communities we represent – we are making public spaces better because we are our best as a team when we’re united by what makes us different.