Understanding the differences in 3D for greater brand exposure

Brands want to be unmissable, some do it better than others. As technology advances and the popularity of 3D Out of Home (3DOOH) skyrockets, we’re often asked about how 3DA and 3DOOH work, as well as the scale of our network. Let’s dive into the details.

3D Anamorphic

3D Anamorphic remains the crème de la crème of 3D. Our impressive and cool site ‘The Bourke’ in Melbourne, soaring six stories high is renowned for brand fame and virality. In additions premium locations like Sydney’s Macquarie Centre and our latest jewel, the 3DA Yagan Square site in Perth – (yes, we’ve expanded our reach to the west!), means we are only Out of Home company in Australia with multiple iconic, large-scale sites that are full motion.

  • 18–34 year-olds are more likely to want to see 3DA ads, with 64% more likely to encourage others to see them, showcasing the effectiveness of capturing attention and engagement.

Introducing 3DOOH – a new way to extend brand fame

While our iconic sites command attention in big cities, we understand that not every brand is suited to towering billboards – instead it can be aspirational. So, we’ve come up with more ways to elevate your brand.

Say hello to full motion 3D creative – a blend of anamorphic principles and animation that’s scalable and attention-grabbing across our digital network.

  • 3,900 full motion 3D opportunities
  • Large and small format

Ready to expand your reach across our 3D Retail, Airport, Rail, Office, and Study digital network? We thought so!

Simple solution:

Here’s the deal – full motion demands attention, and attention drives greater sales and creative impact. Let us handle the heavy lifting. We’ll help you select the perfect inventory to craft your campaign, ensuring not only the best audience experience, but also the best sales outcomes, backed by solid data.

Reach out to us today to unlock the full potential of 3D across the oOh! network.