Look out Summer, here we come

This Summer is shaping up to be a season of freedom. It will be the time for reconnecting with friends and family and enjoying the novelty of resumed travel. As a nation, we can shut our front doors, go outside and leave lockdowns and covid kilos behind us. For marketers and brands, it’s a fantastic opportunity to reconnect with people, especially those who feel better than they have in a while due to their new liberties. We recently completed a consumer confidence survey to uncover audience attitudes and plans for this upcoming season of freedom.

Here is what we found out.

Seeing friends & family

If lockdown taught us anything it’s how we took for granted the simple activities in life that allowed us to get out and about. The simple routines of commuting to work, visiting friends houses, browsing through shops, getting away for the weekend, are activities we will get to take up again. 77% of Victorians agree they will be more appreciative of these simple activities (1) and 74% of all Australians will be more appreciative of being able to spend time with friends and family (2). 

Shopping will be more than a trip to the supermarket 

Australians are looking forward to getting back to shopping centres, to get out of the house and into physical stores again. 83% of Australians are intending to visit a physical store at the same level or more prior to the pandemic (2). Shopping centres will become a place to meet and socialise with loved ones, as well as spend that hard-earned cash. 

Christmas is going to be big this year, with 87% of Australians saying they will shop at Christmas sales. Of those Christmas shoppers, 42% will make their purchases at physical stores, almost double of online (22%) and 36% will do both physical stores and online purchasing. For Boxing Day 61% of people said they would shop sales. (2)

Travel will be cherished 

For a country that loves to travel, Australia has certainly had a tough time keeping our wanderlust at bay. It’s clear that Australians are ready to explore what our country has to offer, with 62% of Australians planning to spend more time outside (2) and 65% of Victorians looking forward to going on a road trip in their state over summer (1). The desire to get out and experience our amazing country is there. 

This is in addition to the past trends of major arterials peaking over summer as audiences go on their road trips. In the past, we have seen uplifts of 95% of road travel on Pacific Highway, NSW, during this summer period (3). With domestic borders opening (besides WA) Australians are returning to domestic and regional travel. Out of home is the ideal environment to capture these audiences on their journeys as they are more open and receptive.  

Armed with our knowledge of the above we look forward to the season of freedom and connecting with our audiences when they are out and about, doing all the things they love. 


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