High flying advantages of targeting affluent audiences in Airport and Office environments

Captivating the attention of affluent business professional audiences demands innovative advertising strategies in a highly competitive environment where attention is prized.

Now, our newly announced Airport and Office team have revealed new insights into the movements and mindsets of these highly coveted professional audiences.

Here, Jamie Gill, Head of Enterprise Product at oOh!media, discusses the strategic advantages and opportunities that targeting airport and office advertising can deliver for brands.

Professionals’ travel habits impact advertising strategies

In our recent study, ‘A Professional Perspective’, we found that 96% of Australian C-Suites and 85% of Senior Managers plan to travel by air for business purposes in 2024. So, why is this so important? Imagine having the ability to capture this hard to reach, captive audience that’s ripe for engagement, available at scale and coupled with full product exclusivity ensuring brand safety. By strategically placing advertisements in airports, brands can seamlessly connect with professionals during pivotal moments of their travels. This connection can significantly influence their purchasing and business decisions while shaping brand perceptions.

Targeting C-suite executives in office environments

Our findings reveal that C-suite executives typically spend an average of 78% of their week in the office (or 3.9 days). This presents a golden opportunity for brands to engage in their professional environments. For B2B brands, the ability to target businesses by industry, company name and/or size serves to minimise wastage, while also offering an opportunity to be present in the environment and moment in which business decisions are being made. For consumer brands the proximity to CBD retail and ability to immediately push online has been proven time and time again that Office media drives action.

Maximising engagement from airport to office

Now here’s where the magic happens – the synergy between airport and office networks offers a holistic approach to reaching professional audiences. It’s a seamless journey, but one brands need to understand. We’ve assembled a specialised team with the expertise to guide you through maximising this opportunity, connecting brands with professionals across multiple touchpoints, from airport departure lounges, inflight and right into to the office boardroom. Through sequential storytelling, the impact of creatively leveraging airport and office environments is unmatched.

Data in Out of Home

In a world where we’re bombarded with over 4,000 ads daily, the key for marketers is to cut through the noise. That’s where precision targeting comes in. Through strategic data partnerships with Unpacked by Flybuys and Westpac Data X, we leverage behavioural transactional data to provide invaluable insights, ensuring your message hits the mark, and provides precise measurement of ROI.

Unlocking advertising in premium environments

Advertising in airport and offices offers significant benefits for brands seeking to engage premium audiences. From large foot traffic and premium demographics to the effectiveness of unskippable ads, these environments provide a conducive setting for elevating the consumer experience and driving marketing efficiency through data-driven insights.

Capturing the attention of affluent audiences requires strategic thinking and innovative approaches. By harnessing the high-flying advantages of targeting professional audiences in airport and offices, brands can elevate their marketing strategies to unlock unparalleled engagement and conversion opportunities.

With our extensive network and specialised expertise, advertisers can seamlessly connect with professional audiences, driving impactful results and forging lasting connections in premium environments.

In the coming weeks we will release the full details of “A Professional Perspective” study commissioned by oOh!media (2024).