oOh!media takes green approach to global OOH campaign

The World Out of Home Organisation’s #OurSecondChance campaign was recently rolled out across Australia and New Zealand, with oOh!media using a sustainable print medium to reflect the environmental angle of the creative work. The company also weighted the campaign heavily to Victoria, helping share the positive and thoughtful messaging during the difficult lockdown period.

Nigel Spicer, General Manager of Cactus Imaging, explained that taking a green approach to print really suited the creative.

“This was a really smart campaign that highlighted global environmental issues, and we wanted to support that not only by running it across our assets, but also by choosing a sustainable material too. To that end, the small format posters for the campaign were printed on a synthetic paper called Yuppo. It’s 100 per cent recyclable, and just one of our sustainable printing options offered through Cactus Imaging across both small and large format.

“The synthetic nature of Yuppo makes the paper smooth and consistent in texture, so our machines and installers can handle it with ease,” he said.

Broadcast across five continents, in 10 languages and 30 countries, the #OurSecondChance campaign showed the Out of Home industry at its best and most visually striking, while connecting with audiences on a more emotive level. It was also a reminder to advertisers and agencies that Out of Home remains the only true global broadcast medium

“At Cactus, and oOh!media more broadly, we are always looking for more sustainable ways to operate, and this is a nice demonstration of that approach. We’d also recommend Yuppo as a great choice for advertisers looking to enhance their sustainability credentials in print,” concluded Nigel.

This article first appeared in Image Magazine.