oOh! and Strathfield Council roll out smart new bus shelters

New Strathfield bus shelter

oOh!media and Strathfield Council have announced their rollout of upgraded bus shelters for the suburb is now complete.

The 32 smart new bus shelters reflect the area’s unique heritage, with gabled roofs inspired by Federation-style homes, a modern white and grey colour scheme, and most importantly, a comfortable waiting environment accessible to all of the community.

The design, known as ‘The Liberty’, was the result of months of work, with oOh!’s in-house creative team collaborating closely with the Council to make sure the new shelters provided improved amenities for residents and commuters and were compliant with regulations for people with disabilities.

Where possible shelters are powered by solar panels, and in a first for the suburb, some will also carry digital advertising. Along with the traditional ‘static’ advertising shelters, this will bring in new revenues to the area, as the contract with oOh! gives a proportion of the money brands pay to appear on the shelters back to the Council.

oOh! will also be responsible for regularly cleaning and maintaining the shelters, with the company’s sizeable mobile operations team ensuring they remain in good condition throughout the year.

The CEO of Strathfield Council said: “Connectivity and Liveable Neighbourhoods are key themes in Council’s approach to providing infrastructure to the community, and these upgraded bus shelters form a part of that. Locals and visitors to the area will benefit from these new shelters, and the shared revenues with oOh! will contribute to our financial sustainability for years into the future.”

Michéle Pirozzi, oOh!’s National Commercial Director, said the company’s continued relationship with Strathfield Council had enabled a great result for the local community.

“Everyone who uses the new shelters will notice the improvement, and our in-house creative team did an exceptional job understanding the Council’s forward-thinking requirements. The shelters now match the local area, and the integration of solar and digital technology provides both sustainability and commercial benefits,” she said.

“We are committed to providing quality infrastructure for the communities we are part of, as well as our advertisers, and continue to invest millions in upgrading bus shelters around the country. This project shows the advantages that working together with local councils for the public good can deliver.”

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