Getting to know Strategist Rob Delaney and Deep Dive into Binge and POLY’s House of the Dragon Campaign

In this month’s “Getting to Know You,” we dive into the creative mind of POLY’s strategist, Rob Delaney. Discover how his innovative idea and the collaborative efforts of blending fantasy with reality brought Binge’s fiery Out of Home campaign for House of the Dragon (S2) to life.

Rob, tell us a bit about yourself. How long have you been at oOh!/POLY?

I’m approaching my third year with oOh!/POLY, and I’ve loved every minute of it. Working with some of the world’s leading brands and an incredibly talented team has been a dream. I’ve been in advertising for over 15 years, with experience in both London and Sydney. My journey started in graphic design, then moved into digital media, and now I’m a creative strategist at oOh!/Poly. The skills and knowledge I’ve gained along the way have been invaluable. The highlight of my career has been pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in Out of Home advertising by combining tried-and-tested techniques with new technologies.

You’ve really pushed the boundaries with the latest Binge campaign – Dragons, CGI, a burnt billboard. How did you come up with such a brilliant idea?

We’ve all been mesmerized by faux OOH, but something was missing. At POLY, we wanted to create a concept that captivates audiences in both the physical and digital worlds. With Binge, we saw the perfect opportunity to blend real-life evolution with CGI, using new technology and iconic locations to fuse fantasy with reality.

How did you manage to convince agency Mindshare and Binge to push the creative boundaries and say yes to this campaign?

From our first meeting with Mindshare, we knew we had to nail the concept. We felt we were onto something special and wanted to make sure everyone understood our vision. To pull this off, we knew it would require a huge collaboration between oOh!, Poly, Mindshare, and Binge, especially with a fast-approaching “go live” date, so we had to get it right from the start, with everyone buying into the idea from the beginning. Fortunately, they did!

Can you talk us through the creative process of combining CGI with real Out of Home special builds for this campaign?

We tackled the creative process in two parts: CGI, handled by the skilled client team, and the Out of Home element. The biggest challenge was ensuring the CGI and real-life elements aligned perfectly. To assist the client team, we used drones to capture every angle of our iconic Taylor Square billboard. The collaboration between both teams was extraordinary. Ultimately, without the right people, an idea remains just an idea.

You could have stopped at CGI and a real billboard, but you took it further with a fake news component on digital screens in retail environments. Why was this important?

We wanted viewers to fully understand how our Taylor Square billboard ended up “scorched.” Transforming our digital retail network into a breaking news alert featuring the dragon descending on Sydney added depth to the story. This element made the campaign even more exciting and engaging for Out of Home audiences. At POLY, we believe more creative concepts like this will lead to greater consumer engagement and deeper storytelling across OOH advertising.