Federal Government ‘Stop It At The Start’ Campaign


To help break the cycle of violence against women by encouraging adults to reflect on their attitudes about respect and understand how their actions contribute to the cycle of violence.

Provide a solution, helping people understand that even the smallest moments can have a big impact while  encouraging adults to have conversations about respect with young people

Target Audience

  • Influencers: Adults who influence children 10-17 years
  • CALD audiences: Adults who speak a language other than English at home

oOh! Solution

In partnership with UM and the Australian Government oOh! developed an innovative campaign solution to drive campaign impact, empowering adults to spark dialogue on this important social issue.

The award-winning innovative campaign solution across contextual environments included:

  • Data-led campaign planning using oOh! Smart Reach tool
  • Retail lenticulars to directly contrast the harm of turning a blind eye
  • Street Furniture Shelter Wraps that included QR codes near schools, sporting fields and parks.
  • Cutdown TVC creatives displayed across Office to empower conversations after work
  • Location and time-targeted placements



The campaign reached 14.5 million Australians and 73% of Influencers(1).

Outdoor Media Association Creative Collection winner in the Out Of Home For Good category.

Strong recall result with 33% of the key Influencer audience recalling the campaign.

High level of action with 71% of those impacted by oOh! campaign taking action post-campaign exposure.

Significant uplift in key metrics amongst those who recalled the campaign compared to people aged 18(2):

  • Encouraged to talk to young people about respectful relationships, and encouraged positive attitudes around gender equality (63% uplift)
  • Encouraged to ‘unmute myself’, and call out disrespectful behaviour when I see it (49% uplift)
  • Made them more aware of role in influencing, and how own behaviour affects (46% uplift)


  1. oOh! Road, Street, Retail, Office- Federal Government Research| Timing: 28th April – 14th May 2021| Research Panel: Dynata| All Respondents total n=905, Other language n= 110, Influencers n=383, Recalled oOh! campaign n=170.
  2. oOh! Smart Reach, Australians 16+. Influencers defined as Older Families Q Segment

oOh!media’s innovative approach strengthened the Stop it at the Start campaign in a way that resonated strongly with the target audience, as evidenced by the high performance of this channel.”


Department of Social Security 


“The oOh!media solution allowed the OOH campaign to achieve incredible innovation at scale, enabling more meaningful connections with parents across Australia. This campaign represents best-in-class planning and collaboration between all stakeholders involved to bring to life a solution-driven by scale and smarts, which has proven to be effective in prompting conversations about respect.”


Alice Davidson

Integrated Planning Director – UM