SFI Health: Flordis KeenMind

Audience-led campaign by SFI Health for Flordis KeenMind


SFI Health set out to raise awareness of their Flordis KeenMind product amongst a business audience. Further to this, Flordis aimed to drive consumer interest in the product to encourage pharmacy visitation, increase distribution points and drive general practitioner enquiry.

Audience-led campaign by SFI Health for Flordis KeenMind

oOh! Solution

To meet SFI Health’s objectives, an audience-led approach was applied leveraging oOh!’s Quantium data capabilities to ascertain consumer spend in the sector mapped against oOh!’s CBD and Qantas lounge audience through transactional data. The campaign would reach the right audience in a highly contextual environment with a relevant call to action to visit their nearby chemist.


  • 28% increase in sales
  • 10% increase in market share
  • 15% increase in search volume
  • 43% increase in stockists

“We used oOh!’s Quantium data to understand what the CBD and Lounge audience spent on in relation to our sector based on transactional data, ensuring our message spoke to the right people.

As a result, our customer metrics, sales performance and market share had significant gains which have transpired in a number of positive ways for the brand beyond just pure sales, including increased national distribution points and fantastic anecdotal feedback and engagement from general practitioners and health professionals.”

Rachel Carter
National Sales & Marketing Head AU, SFI Health

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