oOh!media and STATION turn Melbourne into city-wide gallery for Australian artists

Station Gallery Artworks on Bus Shelter

oOh!media has launched a campaign exclusive to Melbourne, showcasing works by Australian artists from contemporary commercial gallery STATION across its classic street furniture and rail sites.

As Melbourne’s lockdown continues, the campaign highlights meaningful art that reflects on the current conditions in Victoria, reaching the city’s commuters and essential workers at multiple points throughout the day.

Artworks created for the campaign focus on COVID, the artists’ interpretations of emotions felt during lockdown, and some of the possibilities and positives to come out of Victoria’s isolation.

Neil Ackland, Chief Content Marketing and Creative Officer at oOh!, said the campaign was a small gesture to help Melburnians through difficult times.

“With art galleries currently closed, we saw an opportunity to make full use of our sites as a creative canvas and positive public space medium. All the works from these talented artists were created during the height of lockdown, and echo the range of emotions felt by Victorians right now.

“By featuring these works on our sites throughout the city, we’re giving artists a canvas, effectively turning Melbourne’s streets into a gallery. Our street and rail network reaches a lot of people – around 95 per cent of Melburnians in normal times – so we’re hoping as many people as possible get to see this. If we can encourage some moments of quiet reflection from the chaos of lockdown, then it’s worth it.”

Samantha Barrow, STATION’s Gallery Director, said the initiative came at a time when the arts sector most needed support.

“The arts industry has suffered immensely from the COVID pandemic. For STATION, like many businesses, one of the biggest challenges has been the forced temporary closure of our physical spaces. From the outset we have pursued new avenues to continue presenting exhibitions to audiences and supporting our artists in this challenging time.

“Most of these initiatives have been focused in the digital sphere, but we strongly believe that the virtual cannot replace the experience of a physical encounter. That is why we are so excited by this project, which has given us the opportunity to create a timely and accessible city-wide exhibition.”

“These artworks have been created during the pandemic and are a means to communicate an array of emotions and ideas. Our collective hope is that they may bring stimulation, comfort and joy to Melburnians in this moment of isolation and restriction.”

The campaign features works from Adam Lee, Dane Lovett, David Griggs, Jason Phu, Jonny Niesche, and Nell, and will run throughout September.

Images, biographies and quotes from the artists can be downloaded here.