Jeep Multiple-Nameplate Strategy

Jeep creative advertising in billboard

Data to inform creative placement

The Jeep campaign had a multiple-nameplate strategy, and oOh! were able to use our robust Quantium data to inform creative placement based on best environmental triggers. The campaign ran across Road Classic, Road Digital, Fly and Office Towers. Going one step further, Jeep executed special builds on selected Classic Road assets. oOh! produced a media-first, reverse-halo, which involved day-to-night creative changes. As night fell, the reverse-halo LED activates, revealing the silhouette of two figures sitting inside a tent, with a LED-powered starry night sky above. The blend of a data-informed, cross channel tailored creative, supported by first-class special builds, meant Jeep and oOh! delivered an engaging, targeted and captivating campaign.