Ingham’s Chicken: The Free Ranger

Ingham's Chicken advertising campaign on oOh!media retail shopping centre advertising panel.


Ingham’s Chicken took an audience-led approach to plan placement for their ‘The Free Ranger’ whole chicken campaign, which was stocked in selected Woolworths stores. The objective was to drive awareness and sales of ‘The Free Ranger’ product amongst grocery buyers in NSW and VIC. Rather than plan to Main Grocery Buyers, Ingham’s leveraged transactional data through oOh!’s exclusive data partnership with Quantium to identify a more relevant and targeted audience – ‘Top Chicken Buyers’.  Through this category buyer approach, all proximity constraints were removed, enabling oOh!’s Smart Reach planning tool to select the optimal panels in order to deliver the highest volume of buyergraphic audience. A combination of retail and street furniture, along with classic and digital formats was used to increase share of voice and reach Top Chicken buyers more efficiently.


  • 30% increase in number of buyers over the campaign period vs the category which attracted 3% more buyers
  • 6% increase in purchase on broader Inghams range
  • 27% increase in brand penetration
  • 72% who purchased were new to the brand

These results were achieved with oOh! as the sole media partner and no other media support.

Seb Brandt, chief marketing officer at Ingham’s Group, said:

“oOh!’s data-led planning approach and additional post-campaign reporting had altered his perception of Out of Home.

“This new platform and data set from oOh!media is the future of Out of Home. My biggest nervousness around outdoor in the past has stemmed from wastage, high eyeballs and low cut through.

“The Free Ranger campaign has proven that we can use outdoor as a targeted message for a new and emerging brand with the specific geotargeted distribution.

“We are looking forward to using oOh!’s Smart Reach planning tool again soon.”

Seb Brandt
Chief Marketing Officer, Ingham’s Group

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