Getting to Know You: Jenna Watson, Head of Trading, oOh!media

As the world eagerly anticipates the 2024 Olympics, we shine a spotlight on Jenna Watson (Santoromito), a former member of The Australia national women’s water polo team and a Beijing 2008 Olympic medallist.

As Head of Trading, Jenna brings a blend of athleticism, strategic insight, and a winning mentality.

Read about Jenna’s inside knowledge on winning an Olympic medal and Out of Home trading.

Tell us about your role and daily responsibilities as the Head of Trading.

As the Head of Trading, I collaborate closely with our Commercial and Sales finance teams to make informed, data-driven decisions that support business growth and client satisfaction. By understanding and leveraging pricing and occupancy trends in the context of current market conditions, I help drive growth for the business and ensure our sales team and clients achieve the best possible outcomes.

You’ve achieved an incredible feat, winning an Olympic bronze medal in water polo. How has your winning mentality influenced your approach to leadership?

oOh! has strong company values that I really align to. They represent who I am and influence my leadership approach both in business and sport.

Collaboration is key, and we are ‘Stronger Together’ when surrounded by individuals with complementary skill sets aligned on a joint outcome to achieve success.

I always ‘Play with Heart’. Being truly passionate about what you do is vital, whether in a work or sporting environment. Having fun and bringing your best self is important to those you lead and work closely with.

Routine is essential when playing sport at an elite level, and the consistency in training applies to how you show up to work and lead your team, providing stability, especially during times of transformation or change.

What trends or innovations within the OOH industry excite you the most?

There’s so much I enjoy about Out of Home, but what excites me the most is witnessing the innovative and creative ways our clients use our network to make a significant impact. I love seeing how brands leverage both traditional and non-traditional OOH media to stand out. For instance, brands like Pepsi live streaming on our digital assets showcase the dynamic possibilities of digital OOH. The use of 3D Anamorphic (3DA) on The Bourke is another example of cutting through the noise with eye-catching visuals. Additionally, stunts on classic assets, such as the recent Fall Guy promo on the Glebe Silos, demonstrate how even traditional formats can be transformed into extraordinary experiences. Our network provides a platform that makes brands unmissable at scale, and I find that incredibly inspiring.

What advice do you have for our clients about trading in OOH?

When it comes to OOH, let’s be informed together. By sharing insights and data transparently, we can collaborate to understand your needs better and create tailored plans that deliver the best outcomes for you, our clients.

Not all assets in the same environment are equal, so a rate doesn’t necessarily reflect quality, audience or deliverables. By focusing on audience targeting we can leverage our extensive network of more than 35,000 assets and overlay data to optimise outcomes, ensuring we reach the right audience for your campaign.

Winning seems to be a recurring theme in your life, from sports to your career. What drives your passion for success, and how do you inspire others to strive for greatness?

I don’t like to lose. Ha! I’ve always had this ‘fighter,’ never-give-up mentality. Personal growth is innate to me, and I will always push myself to operate outside of my comfort zone. Setting goals and holding myself accountable has always been important, with clear, actionable steps along the way.

For those I work with, it’s all about working together to achieve better outcomes. That winning mindset, passion, harnessing creativity, enabling solutions, and empowering those around me are key to inspiring others to strive for greatness.

Before you go, what it was like to win an Olympic medal, and can you share some insight into the day?

Winning an Olympic medal is the ultimate achievement, reflecting the hard work, sacrifice and commitment you put into the sport. We were competing for bronze, so everything was riding on that opportunity. Knowing you either walk away with a podium finish and a medal or nothing brings a mix of emotions: excitement, nervousness and the need to stay calm and focused. We finished the game going into a penalty shootout, and my sister, who also competed in the Olympics with me, scored the final goal securing us 3rd place. The stadium erupted, and seeing my family and friends in the crowd was the best feeling – one of the most amazing moments of my life.