Georg Jensen


In line with Georg Jensen’s latest Fusion Jewellery range, the campaign to re-establish a connection with audiences offline and instore, as well as drive brand awareness and sales for the brand amongst the target audience.

In addition, it was also important for Georg Jensen to drive a positive outcome for the brand by tapping into premium environments to drive brand perception, as well as drive tangible and measurable results.

oOh! Solution

In order to meet the campaigns objectives, oOh!media used transactional data to identify a more relevant and targeted audience – Luxury boutique buyers.

With optimised placements and locations within oOh!’s National Enterprise Network, including Airport Terminals, Airport Externals, Qantas Lounges and Office Network​, the campaign reached over 250k luxury boutique buyers across the campaign period.

The combination of these premium, long dwell, content enabled environments and the ability to use of full motion digital OOH and video enabled Georg Jensen to engage and capture the attention of this audience when they were in an engaged and primed mindset.



  • The campaign saw an incremental +54% people purchase with Georg Jensen over the campaign period and sales of the Fusion Collection increased over +25%​
  • While the Luxury Goods category also grew over the period (+42%), Georg Jensen outgrew the category by +28%, attracting proportionately more buyers than the category​
  • Brand penetration, or the proportion of all buyers in the category who purchased with Georg Jensen, increased +8% during the campaign​
  • Over the campaign period, Georg Jensen’s conversion of new customers was +26% points higher than the category average​ and they also saw an increase in physical and online store visitation, as well as receiving positive feedback from customers who, unprompted, talked about seeing and loving the advertising campaign.



“We needed to prove that OOH could drive a positive outcome for the brand, both enhancing the perception of Georg Jensen in premium environments where our customers could see, relate and aspire to buy our pieces, as well as drive tangible and measurable action. We targeted customers with the audience segment based on their transactions in the ‘luxury goods’ category – amongst people who spend on high end products. Then using transactional data, we were able to measure the campaign – sales uplift, brand and category performance, the number of new customers, age, affluence and more. The results are compelling.”


Anne Sullivan, CEO APAC Georg Jensen

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