Aiming to raise brand awareness of the Flipspot textbook resale app and increase app downloads, encouraging students to turn their unwanted textbooks into cash. 

oOh! Solution

Flipspot’s campaign targeted students as they went about their day with oOh! Study and Rail, raising awareness of the app and encouraging on the spot app downloads in high-dwell locations. The campaign ran alongside radio activity.  


As a result of the campaign, there was an uplift in registrations recorded in the first two days of the campaign commencing. By the second week of campaign activity, Flipspot was ranked the 6th most downloaded app in Australia after Kogan, Amazon, ASOS, Shein and Boohoo. The success continued and by the third week (final exam week), Flipspot gained 1,000 downloads, 30-0 new book listings and over 100 ‘other’ product listings. By the final week of the campaign, Flipspot’s user base grew 250% from pre-campaign and was ranked the fourth trending shopping app in Australia.  

Founder and CEO of Flipspot, Nikhil Challa said of the campaign “.. oOh! created a strategic marketing plan and successfully executed it across multiple mediums in a matter of days. As a result, our user base and traffic multiplied since the campaign began, pushing Flipspot to new limits. ”