As business leaders navigate the unchartered territory of the altered working environment post Covid, Calven a new hybrid workplace tech start up, wanted to capture the attention of this audience.

The objective of the campaign was to increase brand awareness of Calven amongst business decision makers and grow their customer base in Australia.

oOh! Solution

To meet the campaigns objectives, an audience-led approach was applied leveraging oOh!’s data capabilities to identify a more relevant and targeted audience for Calven.

Using transactional data and indometrics, oOh!media was able to identify a more relevant and targeted audience for Calven – “Business Influencer: C-Suite & Business Decision Makers”.

With optimised placements and locations within oOh!’s National Enterprise Network, the campaign reached over 850k+ unique business influencers in high dwell and impactful environments throughout the campaign period.



  • A spike in web traffic; 7x Uplift in direct web enquiries and 34% increase in overall web traffic with 44% coming from organic search.
  • Extremely strong and immediate customer enquiry, with candidate applications more than doubling during the campaign period, along with unprompted client and prospective client feedback on seeing the campaign.
  • Received significant unsolicited investor interest, and an opportunity which is now progressing with a global organisation after a travelling executive saw the campaign in their AUS HQ building


“As a B2B tech start-up we needed a quick way to grow our brand awareness and importantly recognition amongst business decision-makers. Having this kind of targeting across every CBD and Airport CBD in Australia also helped us shape our brand perception – positioning us as a forward-thinking, credible tech solution to enable the future of work. This is a topic that is on every leader’s agenda, and we’ve been able to place our brand in front of Australia’s business community en-masse. The campaign has had a significant impact on the perception of our brand amongst potential clients and talent.”


Jeremy Pollak, CEO & Founder, Calven


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