A Better Way to Buy: Audience Led Advertising in Out of Home

The future of Out of Home is audience. As the market leader, we know we will play a critical role in leading the industry to the promised land.

oOh!media reaches more audiences every day than any other media provider. With transaction based solutions which allow for the most accurate targeting of category buyers, oOh! can deliver audiences at scale more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

Leveraging aggregated, de-identified transactional data from nine million active Flybuys members and over 2 billion annual Westpac card transactions, oOh! empowers data-led campaign solutions and robust attribution reporting for advertisers and agencies across 800 audience segments, covering categories such as FMCG, beverages, retail, travel, banking, insurance, entertainment, QSR (quick service restaurant), as well as deep lifestyle targeting insights. Westpac DataX’s de-identified and aggregated solution, based on more than 12 million customers and six million daily card transactions will provide advertisers and agencies access to a comprehensive understanding of consumer behaviour, helping them to plan more effectively to drive better customer experiences and attributable outcomes with oOh!.

By taking this category buyer approach, return on investment doubles when compared to traditional Out of Home planning.

Audience is the true currency of advertisers. Ask us how you can unlock a better way to buy audiences at scale and make your brand unmissable.

Simply Effective

The following buying attributes are proven to deliver the highest campaign ROI. Through our post-campaign reporting, based on real transactions, oOh! can demonstrate a better way to buy audiences at scale.


Leverage multiple Out of Home environments to maximise reach of audiences efficiently and effectively.

Multi-channel campaigns drive stronger returns through maximising reach potential and driving synergies.

Source: Analytic Partners, oOh! 4.0 Study 2021, ROI benchmarked to use of a single OOH format (single format = 100%)

Blend is Best

Use a blend of classic and digital to increase reach and share of time which contribute to stronger ROI.

Campaigns that include a blend of classic and digital formats deliver 43% higher ROI than digital alone, due to the ability to reach more audiences and increase share of time.

Source: Analytic Partners, oOh! 4.0 Study 2021, ROI benchmarked to Digital OOH only (Digital only = 100%)


Plan to audience through exclusive transactional data and reach more relevant audiences at scale.

Buying to a category buyer delivers more than twice the ROI than buying to demographic.

Source: Analytic Partners, oOh! 4.0 Study 2021, benchmarked to TV

1+ Reach

Maximise 1+ reach and access over 80% of category buyers in a single campaign.

By removing tight proximity constraints in retail and planning to maximum reach of a buyergraphic audience will deliver more than twice the ROI. 

Source: Analytic Partners, oOh! 4.0 Study 2021, ROI benchmarked to Retail OOH placement throughout centre (in centre placement = 100%)

Brand Buyer Tracking

Measure changes in brand buying behaviour

We want to provide confidence that oOh!’s Better Ways To Buy will deliver outstanding results for clients. As such, we will be offering clients who plan and buy this way, Brand Buyer Tracking.

For the first time, the Brand Buying Tracking report allows clients to measure campaign effectiveness via transactional data, enabling clients to see shifts in brand and category buying behaviour.

Customer Results

Ingham's Chicken

Ingham’s Chicken wanted to drive awareness and sales of ‘The Free Ranger’, leveraging transactional data to identify a more targeted audience: ‘Top Chicken Buyers’. Without proximity constraints, oOh!’s Smart Reach planning tool selected the optimal panels to deliver the highest volume of buyergraphic audience across classic and digital formats.

30% increase in number of buyers over the campaign period vs the category which attracted 3% more buyers

27% increase in brand penetration

6% increase in purchase on broader Inghams range

72% who purchased were new to the brand


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