oOh!media launches Out of Home’s most extensive campaign performance measurement – oOh! outcomes

oOh!media has unveiled plans to deliver the most extensive, data-led campaign planning and performance suite in Australian Out of Home, with the launch of oOh! outcomes.  

oOh! outcomes provides advertisers and agencies with behaviour-based data across 800 buyer segments mapped to every one of oOh!’s 35,000 sites. This data offers detailed insights into total campaign performance, including sales uplift, conversion of new and existing buyers; market share shift; and uplift in brand and category buyers.  

Leveraging the exclusive Out of Home agreement with Unpacked by Flybuys, the insights, data and measurement division of Flybuys, and the partnership with Westpac DataX, oOh! has the capability to tap into consumer behaviour across more than 12 million customers. 

In addition to FMCG and retail, oOh! outcomes is expanding to more client categories than ever before, including finance, insurance, all beverages, auto, entertainment and government.  

Bel Harper, Executive Group Director – Product Strategy, oOh! said: “oOh! continues to lead the industry in understanding not just who and how many people campaigns can reach, but how Out of Home, in isolation or combination with other media, plays a pivotal role in influencing consideration and ultimately purchase.  

“So today we announce the next evolution in helping agencies and brands understand total campaign performance using real, tangible results that are clearly measurable and attributable. oOh! outcomes is the most extensive reporting suite available in Out of Home, making it easier to see the direct effect Out of Home campaigns has on performance when Out of Home plays a role.” 

oOh! has already measured the results of 16 campaigns with its new partners, Unpacked byFlybuys and Westpac DataX, across categories ranging from FMCG, to Retail, Pharmaceuticals, Skincare and Auto. On average, campaigns using Out of Home have seen an uplift of 25% in sales, and in combination with TV and digital have seen a 40% uplift.1 

oOh! also announced that the full oOh! outcomes suite, with access to Unpacked by Flybuys and Westpac DataX, will be offered to all customers buying a minimum 50% of their media schedule with oOh!.  

Bel Harper added, “Previously we reported on campaigns exclusive to oOh!. By opening up our data offering to include other Out of Home providers we believe this will drive an even greater accountability for the Out of Home sector and a deeper understanding of total campaign performance.” 

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