Capture more attention on the move with oOh! motion

Reach up to 71%⁽¹⁾ of Australians per week with motion creative

oOh! motion is the ultimate solution for brands looking to extend their video campaigns to Out of Home advertising. Whether it’s social, online or traditional video, make your video content work harder on our full motion digital network - transforming the way advertisers connect and engage with audiences in brand-safe environments. This product offers advertisers an efficient video-extension solution by utilising a single portrait spec across a majority of oOh!’s motion-enabled assets.

Reach audiences at scale

Elevate your content on Australia’s largest digital enabled network. With over 8,800 full motion screens, we have the power to reach 71% of Australians weekly – with 14.5 million sets of eyeballs your message will have maximum impact and capture more attention at scale.

Extend your campaign onto the largest motion-enabled network:

Instantly download our one-page reference to see how easy it is to extend your video campaign with oOh!

Greater impact with full motion

In today’s fast-paced world, content is the key to capturing audiences. Our proprietary creative effectiveness study, POLYGRAPH™ proves non-FMCG brands that use the full motion capabilities of our network saw a remarkable +187%⁽²⁾  increase in buyers compared to those using static digital only.

By now we know campaigns using full-motion have the power to increase buyers, but did you know oOh! motion helps brands reach new customers? POLYGRAPH revealed brands that use motion creative on our network saw a 66%⁽³⁾  increase in the proportion of new customers – 3x greater than other brands in the same category.


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