Out of Home media, Australia’s public noticeboard

When you think Out of Home media, does your mind automatically go to advertising? Or like us, do you see the medium as a public noticeboard – to inform, educate and entertain.

Our mission is simple. Make public spaces better. We view the Out of Home medium as so much more than ad space. We’re here to enhance the public spaces in which we all live, work, shop and play by creating engaging environments, all while helping advertisers, landlords, community organisations, local councils and governments, reach large and diverse audiences across Australia.

We’re all going through uncertain and testing times in Covid, our economy has taken a hit and we’ve entered a recession. In light of all this, Australians have demonstrated a resilient and ‘all in this together’ attitude. Through uncertain times, we have done what we can for ourselves, our businesses and the community, but all in all, we have united in positivity. The experience of Covid that we’re seeing in Australia is a far cry from the experience countries are going through on a global scale, consumer behavior has changed across the globe and it hasn’t been a cookie cutter approach. One thing that has remained though, is the use of Out of Home to reach, guide, inform, and spread messages of love, hope and kindness through these times of need.

Through the unpredictable times of Covid, Out of Home has been used to reach Australians at scale, driving awareness of the seriousness of the conditions, the role that we can each as individuals play to get through this in unity and simple messages of support to inject hope into individuals where it’s needed most.

Pictured* oOh!media uses assets in the state of Victoria to send support through the tougher restrictions that they’re facing in the state.

As we look to the horizon and getting back outdoors, you could say that all eyes are on Out of Home. Now is a time for brands to shine through, reaching audiences as they move about their local communities, on the road, back into workplaces across the country and into retail precincts through the power of relevancy and emotion. If we look to our friends in New Zealand, they’re leading the way in fighting the Covid-19 battle and reflect the hope for recovery that we all hold onto. oOh!media CEO Brendon Cook recently spoke to Mi3 Australia referencing the New Zealand market noting Shopping centres and retail in general are returning to normal, he says, though CBD’s are “still a bit subdued”.

People will respond positively to brands that adapt to the ever-changing conditions with powerful messaging that drives a connection. We’ve seen strong campaigns from the likes of Greater Bank recognizing workers on the front line and reaching their audiences through localized messages of support.

Pictured* Greater Bank recognises community heroes in Out of Home campaign.

On a global scale, we’ve come together as an industry to stimulate change with the #oursecondchance campaign led by the World Out of Home Organization. A thought-provoking initiative amplified across Out of Home locations worldwide, aims to reminds us of the positives that the pandemic brought us: the cleaner environment, the more connected families and neighbourhoods, and the time to take care of ourselves. This is truly reflective of audience behaviour as consumers reportedly intend to maintain Covid behaviours including staying more connected with their friends and families. Audiences also intend to spend more time outdoors with 77% of Australians agreeing that they will feel more appreciative of outdoors and outdoor destinations compared to before the Covid-19 outbreak (Source 1).

Pictured* World Out of Home organisation #oursecondchance global campaign.

The Out of Home medium is viewed by audiences where they live, work and shop during times of need, supporting individuals and communities acting as an informer, educator, entertainer and public noticeboard.

This is the Out of Home spirit we love and admire…And another great example of how we are making public spaces better!

1. Source: oOh!media Pulse Report |Timing 1st – 4th May, 2020 | Research Panel: Dynata| Australians aged 16+, n=2,212