oOh!media unveils full Qantas lounge domestic upgrade reaching Australia’s most premium audiences at scale

oOh!media in collaboration with Qantas has introduced new digital advertising screens at all Qantas domestic lounges and foyers across the country.

The lounge assets have also received a refreshed content platform to engage and inform premium passengers with high-quality news, sport, travel, and luxury lifestyle content to connect with travellers in long dwell environments.

With domestic travelling booming and returning to near pre-Covid levels, oOh! has completed the upgrade of more than 75 assets with state-of-the-art LED screens, offering best in market digital assets and integrated advertising tailored to the interior and aesthetics of each individual Qantas lounge.

With curated content from The Australian, as well as live flight, weather and gate information, advertisers have the unique and category exclusive opportunity to engage for over 40 minutes with Qantas’ most premium customers during their typical lounge visit.

Coverage includes lounge foyers and inside Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Canberra Qantas Club, Business and private lounges, as well as inflight entertainment video opportunities onboard all Qantas jets. Inflight entertainment video can also be segmented to target economy, business, and first-class customers domestically and internationally.

Robbie Dery, Chief Commercial Operating Officer, oOh! said: “The asset upgrade signifies the importance we place on exclusive and premium locations where advertisers value high quality audiences.

“oOh! is committed to making public spaces better, and with domestic air travel returning to 2019 levels, and as the only national airport Out of Home provider, oOh! reaches the affluent business audience at every stage of their travelling journey. This includes some of the best large format billboards external to the airport precinct, along with departures, the lounge precinct, inflight, at arrivals, right through to their office location, making the business audience accessible throughout their entire end-to-end journey via one transaction and media partner.”

oOh! is the leader in Out of Home media in the Australian aviation sector with multiple networks in 16 cities and 20 terminals.