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Introducing oOh!'s latest comprehensive study, How Aussies Move 

Discover the current mindset, moments, and movements that are shaping the nation and the role Out of Home has in connecting with Aussies where they live, work, shop, play – and everywhere in between. 

Supported by research partner Pollinate, this study explores emerging trends, the future of Health, Work, and Travel and looks at the intersection between consumer behaviour, how we move and what that means for the Out of Home sector. 






of Aussies claim they now have more free time due to flexible work/study *

of Aussies claim that their daily routines are more varied than before*

of Australians say they ”Work to Live” while only 15% say they “Live to Work”

of Aussies claim they spend more time outdoors now compared to pre-covid

Source: oOh!, How Aussies Move Study, Pollinate, 2023, n= 2,000 Australians 18-64 years, *Compared to pre-covid (2019)


What are Aussies prioritising over the next 3 years?

Australians are prioritising the health and wellbeing of ourselves and those around us. We have shifted into a mindset of valuing experiences over possessions and needs over wants. 

Cost of living pressures are very real, with 80% of respondents concerned about the rising cost of living, however, our desire to spend more time outdoors with family and friends has increased, with 58% acknowledging being out and about in public spaces results in a more positive mindset.

Source: oOh!, How Aussies Move Study, Pollinate, 2023, n= 2,000 Australians 18-64 years, 


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In the wake of significant change, how are Australians faring? With increased flexibility in our lives, we have shifted our mindset towards prioritising health and wellbeing, valuing experiences over possessions and moving less for work and more for 'me'. 


Aussies have reclaimed their weekends for social and cultural activities, leading to an increase in time spent in Out of Home environments. Explore how Aussies are focusing on their needs over wants and how the concepts of 'Work', 'Play' and 'Shop' continue to evolve. 


With increased flexibility, our routines have shifted and so has our use of transport methods and modes. In fact, Out of Home audiences have outgrown population growth, meaning that people are out and about more than ever before!


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