Better Broadcast

Unlock a better way to broadcast your message with oOh!

Reach 95%⁽¹⁾ of Metro Australians per week

oOh!’s broadcast network across small format Street, Retail and Rail assets, provides the platform to broadcast your message to 95% of metro Australians weekly. Constantly expanding, with new contract wins in Adelaide and Sydney, oOh!’s Better Broadcast solution provides the most efficient and powerful way to maximise audience reach and frequency at scale across Australia to deliver on your campaign objectives.

Greater flexibility with line by line planning and buying

We’ve evolved our approach across our small format network and are excited to introduce greater flexibility in planning and buying campaigns through the removal of packaging across our digital street and rail inventory. With this move, we are making it easier for brands to access oOh!’s unrivalled scale, drive better campaign results and provide a more standardised buying approach for all broadcast small formats with one spec size.

This approach provides greater flexibility to:

Target by environment

Target down to location

Audience targeting without the waste

Supercharge digital capabilities

Utilise full motion capabilities in Rail & Retail

Increase buyers by 98%⁽²⁾

At oOh!, we believe in delivering strong return on investment for our clients. With the backing of our robust transactional data and our unique Brand Buyer Tracking (BBT), we’re able to prove it. In a first for Out of Home, we offer real, measurable results through our unique Brand Buyer Tracking reports. Over the past 20 months, we’ve collated data from over 55 campaigns that ran exclusively with oOh! and included one or more of our broadcast formats, Street, Retail, and Rail.

The results speak for themselves

With these insights, we can continue to gain a data-led understanding of how brands can plan their campaigns to maximize effectiveness and drive better results to broadcast their messages across our small format assets. 

Choose a better way to broadcast your message and unlock the power of oOh!’s small format network today.


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