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Introducing oOh!'s latest comprehensive study, A Professional Perspective

Explore the shifting paradigms of workspaces and transit hubs as we delve into the social connectivity and brand engagement of affluent professionals in a world post-pandemic.

In collaboration with Nature, this study unpacks the evolving roles of offices and airports, anchoring them as central to the business and social lives of today's business elites. 










of C-level execs regularly travel for business, with senior managers close behind at 84%

of business professionals receive brand recommendations from colleagues, and a quarter engage in shopping for luxury brands in central business districts monthly.

view the office as crucial for fostering productivity and connection despite hybrid work norms.

of business professionals prefer spending time in airport lounges, where they average 40 minutes per visit.

Source: A Professional Perspective Survey, Nature, February 2024, Commissioned by oOh!media, n=997 Australian Business Professionals.


Economic Priorities & Lifestyle Choices

Explore the sophisticated balance Australian professionals maintain between economic challenges and the pursuit of lifestyle pleasures. This section reveals how they strategically manage expenses and housing costs while indulging in travel, wellness, and luxury goods, embodying a lifestyle where financial savvy meets personal enrichment.

Urban Dynamics and Professional Status

Step into the pivotal arenas of Central Business Districts (CBDs) and key business hubs where professionals engage not just in daily work tasks but significant networking and interactions with premium brands. These urban centers are hotbeds for strategic discussions and high-value engagements, turning commute times into productive, career-defining periods.

The Evolving Workspace

Discover how modern workspaces, particularly in CBD areas and major business hubs, have transformed into vibrant centers of activity. This section delves into how these spaces accommodate cutting-edge technology and premium amenities, facilitating a shift towards hybrid models that redefine professional roles and the dynamic nature of work environments.

Airport Dynamics and Professional Mobility

Airports are depicted as critical nodes in the network of professional mobility, not just facilitating travel but also hosting impromptu meetings and extended work sessions. Learn how the unique dynamics of airport environments provide distinct opportunities for targeted marketing and engagement strategies, essential for the modern professional on the move.


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