September 2021

The Long View: September 2021 Edition Cover Image

Welcome to the latest edition of The Long View.

Localism continues to grow in importance for consumers. The bush fires of 2020 followed by the pandemic have helped fuel a trend of consumers rallying around local retailers and producers. 3 in 5 consumers are now paying more attention to product origin.

With no local manufacturing, how can Auto brands tap into this consumer trend? In this issue of The Long View we’ll look into some examples of localism in action on Out of Home.


June 2021

Stock shortages, conflicting state government electric vehicle (EV) policies, and changing consumer spending habits are ongoing challenges for the Auto industry. In the face of these macro issues, how can brands easily adapt their Out of Home strategy to make it effective?

In this edition of The Long View, we share some practical tips on how to use Out of Home, for creating effective campaigns and hopefully give you time back to tackle everything else.

March 2021

In the very first issue we focused on the Automotive category with a highlight on the traditional critical consumer and dealer period - "EOFY".

We discuss the use of channel selection in the category and how these channels can be effectively utilised in the communications mix. The Long View has also done the hard work in curating some highlights of especially effective campaigns.

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