The Covid-19 Pulse Report

The Covid-19 Pulse Report is your weekly insights guide based on attitudinal insights from over 2,200 Australians and audience movement and volumes trends from over 4,000 oOh! locations nationally. The report looks at what is happening today in relation to out of home audience recovery alongside finger on the pulse attitudinal insights that demonstrate what the future looks like in the eyes of Australians.

This ongoing study taps into the changing face of Australia as we, together, move through the Covid crisis. We hope this data will help to inform smarter decisions to help your business bounce back ahead of the curve.

Edition 14 | Life as we approach the horizon

This edition dives into Out of Home audience return and how Australians in these recovering key economies have adapted, adjusting their behaviours to ensure their communities continue with no or very few active Covid-19 cases, sentiment towards the horizon when it comes to their physical and mental health, and the importance of both the great outdoors and inner circle connections when it comes to their future health prospects. Download now.

Special Edition | Helping you navigate Out of Home media during lockdown

This special edition report deep dives into the current state of play in Victoria and what this means for national Out of Home audiences. We share key learnings from Australia and New Zealand through the first phase of lockdowns, predictions for audience behavior and recommendations for Out of Home campaigns to deliver effective national broadcast reach during this time. Download now.

Edition 13 | Global learnings and trust and appreciation for Governments, Institutions and Business

This week’s Pulse Report deep dives into the evolution of trust and appreciation towards governments, institutions and businesses since the outbreak in Australia began, consumers resurgence in leadership both politically and in-business, and the learnings that brands can leverage in a time when consumers are leaning-in to authority and trusted sources. Download now.

Edition 12 | Australians by region and generation

This edition looks into the past and towards the future, as Australia continues to navigate the various stages of Covid-19. We look at how spending and day-to-day behaviours and patterns have changed year on year by state and generational cohort, and how these audiences are either maintaining or adjusting their behaviour. Download now.

Edition 11 | Australian White-Collar Professionals

In this report, we provide an update on the return of audiences across the oOh! network, including Regional Australia and Victoria. We take a deep dive into the attitudes and intentions of Australian White-Collar-Professionals as they return to the office and look at their view on workplaces of the future as well as their confidence in the Australian and Global economy, their employment position and confidence in Australian Businesses to bounce back from this economic downturn. Download now.

Edition 10 | Students 

In this report, we take a deep dive into the attitudes and insights of Australian High School and Tertiary Students during and after lockdown. We look at their feelings, finances and career goals as well as what they look for in brands in the future. This report also takes a look at the national return of audiences across the oOh! network with a deep dive into Roadside, Retail and regional audiences. Download now.

Edition 9 | Australian Gen Y

This report looks at Generation Y, they are well versed in adapting to the new as the generation that’s experienced the evolution of the internet and technology first-had. They’ve conquered education, travelled the globe, finding their feet in a career and are now chartering the unknown territory of Covid-19. This report takes a look at how they’ve felt during lockdown, how they’ve been impacted by the wake of Covid-19 and future aspirations from career to global travel. Download now.

Edition 8 | Australian Gen Xers

In this report, we take a deep dive into Gen Xers. Seeking to perfect the art of work/life balance, this generation works to live; balancing the pressures of home life against building financial wealth and security for their older years. We look at the experience of juggling work from home and home-schooling through lockdown, confidence in employment and the economy to bounce back, how the outbreak influenced their grocery shop and their intentions to ‘think local’ when it comes to travel. Download now.

Edition 7 | Australian Baby Boomers

In this report, we take a look at Baby Boomers – the generation who are known for their experience and hard-working nature, and have frankly seen it all. Before Covid struck, Baby Boomers were looking forward to retirement, if not enjoying it already, with days spent on the golf course and holidays planned abroad. We take a look at how this generation are adapting to Covid as their health an nest eggs have unfortunately come under fire how they’re keeping entertained during lockdown, the impact on their spending power, intentions for future travel their change in behavioural an purchase intentions compared to the ‘All-Australian’ cohort. Download now.

Edition 6 | Regional Australians

In this report,  we look at both the ‘here and now’ and a ‘look to the future’ honing in on regional Australia. We take a look at trends and insights into audience patterns across our 500+ retail centres and delve into the attitudes and intentions of regional Australians, deep diving into consumer sentiment, travel behaviours and future intentions of residents. As the key driving force behind our national economy throughout lockdown, regional living demonstrates a growing appeal amongst city-dwellers. Download now.

Edition 5 | Domestic Travel

In this report, we take a look at trends as driving audiences return to our roads, insights into audience patterns across +3,200 roadside locations and intentions In the travel sector. We take a look at how Australians will celebrate the return of one of our nations favourite past-times, The ‘Road Trip’. With travel on the mind, we look at interstate travel intentions, motivations and consumers preferred mode of travel alongside intentions to travel within the Pacific bubble and what’s expected of travel brands and airlines as audiences return to travel. Download now.

Edition 4 | Entertain Me

In this report, we look at how Australians have entertained themselves throughout the Covid outbreak with strong intention to continue spending across entertainment categories in sight. We take a look at current and future purchase intentions of Australians, what habits and behaviours will remain or be left behind, the changes in Australia’s media consumption and the level of trust in news outlets moving forward. Download now.

Edition 3 | Consumer Confidence

In this report, we focus on consumer confidence in institutions, business and the economy. We look at what Australians are planning to get back to with restrictions easing and what the future workplace and commute looks like as we start to look towards many Australians returning to work. Download now.

Edition 2 | Retail on the rise

In this edition, we take a deep dive into the categories that have grown during the crisis, the ones that have been challenged and the opportunities that exist based on Australia’s mindset and attitude into the future. Download now.

Edition 1 | Getting you ahead of the curve

The Covid-19 Pulse Report is your finger on the pulse weekly insights guide on what is happening today, in addition to current and future attitudinal insights that demonstrate what the future looks like in the eyes of Australians as we move through the Covid crisis. This edition focuses on what Australian’s are looking forward to and how life is set to change post-Covid. Download now.