oOh!media is an eco-responsible organisation actively reducing its environmental impact towards a green future.

A champion of sustainable business practices, oOh!’s low-carbon activities have a flow-on effect across all its programs, initiatives and networks.


Vehicle Fleet

Since 2019, oOh!media’s vehicle fleet, used for installations and maintenance uses Adblue, a product that reduces CO2 emissions through telematic monitoring on vehicle speed, handling, maintenance, and overall wear and tear. We also overhauled our vehicle routes to reduce km travelled, fuel used and CO2 emitted.


Commercial Projects

All oOh!media commercial developments and digitisation projects comply with environmental and planning legislation in relevant jurisdictions. This process considers all potential impacts before any large-scale initiative, ensuring maximum responsibility and minimal footprint.


Billboards, Collateral and Facilities

oOh!media’s classic billboards incorporate eco-friendly LED lighting, with digital billboards adjusting automatically to ambient levels to save power.

Our entire advertising network continues to embrace LED lighting to alleviate its broader carbon output.

4,000 of our 13,000 bus shelters use solar power: the largest amount of solar installations on street furniture in Australia. Our shelters also use compact and efficient lithium batteries with smart charge telemetry, making for more powerful, safe and longer lasting energy solutions.

Our street furniture is designed to last 20 years, and we maintain it free of charge to local councils. By using highly purified water and reverse osmosis, we eliminate toxic cleaning chemicals, streamlining the process to save over 29,000 cleaning hours each year.

All safety glass on bus shelters is 100% recyclable and is frequently repurposed into road-based construction products.


Cactus Imaging

oOh!media’s printing company Cactus Imaging works directly with environmentally conscious and sustainable suppliers, using PVC-free and recycled materials across all printing services, and latex (water-based) and UV-based printing technologies.

Our street furniture posters use 100% recyclable materials – recyclable, waterproof and tree-free. In some locations, specialist providers recycle posters into corflute or packaging materials.

We continue to offer 100% recyclable billboard skins of which accounted for 75% of all skins printed through 2019. Our lightweight polyethylene vinyl billboard skins are routinely reused and repurposed at the end of their life cycle into various finished products like benches, sleepers, and bollards.

The business is continually looking for opportunities to reduce their environmental impact with innovative and sustainable product offerings.


Waste Segregation

oOh!’s nationwide depot and warehouse facilities employ waste segregation practices for batteries, fluorescent tubes, glass, steel, aluminium, copper, PVC cabling, e-waste and cardboard.

All head offices commit to strong recycling methods, with diversified segregation bins located in central areas.