Showcasing Christmas Out of Home Campaigns


Christmas in July already! It only feels like yesterday Aldi created the ‘You Can’t Overcook Christmas’ campaign. It also reminds us the end of the year is rapidly approaching. We’ve carefully wrapped, several out of home campaigns that show different ways to use the channel to reach and engage audiences during the ‘Season of Spending’ – the eight-week period from the 7th of November until Boxing Day.


Brand codes help Lego build into Christmas



Christmas is an established time for gift buying. Lego, which aims to be synonymous with providing endless fun and opportunity to develop imagination, ran a great brand campaign designed to rebuild the world.

This campaign is brilliant in its simplicity, leveraging iconic brands with copy that invites the audience to indulge in the offering which they are known for. To capture market share in a crowded gift market, Lego ran a national campaign across multiple oOh! channels and environments. Running Out of Home across more than one format can increase ROI by up to +31% vs a single format strategy (1).


Small format, big brand


With a simple branding campaign, Michael Hill displayed popular gift sets and imagery creating mental links with a key shopping period. To drive the association as much as possible, classic retail panels were chosen which deliver 100% share of voice with the audience.


Driving a message out of home


To grow awareness for brand and product purchase, specialist retailers need to stand out if they are to successfully divert consumer footfall in-store. JD Sport uses proximity oOh! Street to raise awareness of their Christmas campaign within the Brisbane CBD, building brand recognition and mental availability ahead of a consumer’s moment of choice.


Activate your audience with Large Format


As a popular time of the year to buy gifts, consumers may be overwhelmed by the available choices.

Officeworks ran activation messaging designed to move consumers through the funnel to activation and purchase. Prominent branding closes the loop helping the audience understand that Officeworks is the first stop for Christmas shopping.



Audience, sales and demand peaks over the Season of Spending.

Book your campaign early and avoid missing out on the 8 critical weeks to impact shoppers, and the $55 billion that is spent in Australia.


Source: 1.  Analytic Partners 2019 ROI Study