SFI Health boosts Flordis KeenMind sales with audience-led oOh! campaign

Audience-led campaign by SFI Health for Flordis KeenMind

Global natural healthcare company SFI Health has seen a 28 per cent spike in sales for its Flordis KeenMind product as a result of an Out of Home campaign that ran exclusively across oOh!media’s Enterprise network.

Designed to drive consumer interest and position Flordis KeenMind as the leading behind-the-counter cognitive health product for busy professionals, the campaign utilised a sophisticated data-led approach to reach target audiences in highly contextual environments.

Running for four weeks in March, the campaign reached professional audiences across all major CBDs in Australia through digital placement in over 600 city office towers, where the creative included a call to action to visit nearby chemists and helped raise awareness of the brand among healthcare practitioners.

This audience targeting was reinforced across Qantas Clubs and Business Lounges, connecting the brand with over 500,000 Qantas flyers in high-dwell, premium environments.

In addition to the 28 per cent sales growth, the campaign led to a 10 per cent market share increase, a 159 per cent increase in search volume on the company’s website and a 222 per cent increase in the use of ‘KeenMind’ as a search term.

Rachel Carter, National Head of Sales & Marketing at SFI Health, said: “We were extremely pleased to see a number of positive shifts for our Flordis KeenMind product, delivered through an increase in retail distribution points, increase in consumer awareness and education, and overall brand awareness, including with health care professionals. Better still, these results have been retained post-campaign and continue to grow.”

Tim Murphy, oOh!’s Chief Sales Officer, said the data-led approach and focus on targeting a business audience, instead of format and location, had delivered tangible results for Flordis KeenMind.

“Buying by format and location will always play a role, but an audience-led approach is proven to be the most effective way to buy Out of Home, demonstrated by the results of this campaign,” he said.

“The future is all about who can reach the right audiences at scale most effectively, and to help agencies and clients do just that we’re now introducing a new initiative called Better Ways to Buy, which has audience targeting at its very core.

“This will make it easier than ever to plan, buy and measure campaigns with oOh!, delivering more than 80 per cent reach of audiences in a single campaign based on transaction, while minimising duplication and wastage and boosting ROI.

“It’s part of the strategic evolution of our business, and over the next few years we fully expect to see a noticeable increase in marketers buying Out of Home media by audience, simply because it’s proven to deliver better results for our clients.”