Navigating the new normal, Inspired by TEDxSydney

Navigating the new normal

A lot of us are experiencing a shift in daily behaviour. We’ve moved our daily lives from routine journeys to work, to setting up workspaces in the comfort of our own homes and forcing us to solely communicate with peers virtually.

As we enter this new normal of social distancing, and virtual meetings in pyjamas that take comfort to a whole new level, COVID-19 has thrown new challenges at us and forced us to be agile and work differently. So how do we navigate through these difficult times, stay inspired and solve new problems that we may face?

oOh! surveyed over 2,200 Australians for The Covid-19 Pulse Report and found that 4 in 5 Australians currently working from home are looking forward to returning to work in the office, unsurprising as we crave the dynamics of workplace interaction. But while return to work might still be a while away, we look to TEDxSydney for words of inspiration.

TEDxSydney’s Head of Marketing and Content, Renee Gangemi takes us on a journey sharing some of her favourite TEDxSydney talks that really resonate in the current climate and provide a down to earth perspective that we can adapt to navigate this new world of normal. From strength, overcoming fear, breaking down barriers, to opening doors of possibilities, these themes are all important through isolation as we work at a distance from our peers; and have the power to inspire you to solve problems by looking through a different lens.

 A blind teenager’s vision for change that made Australian history | Connor McLeod

“We can all benefit from learning to overcome obstacles, by pushing ourselves, being independent, fighting for what is right and not letting others place limitations on us.” Connor McLeod shares some of the lessons he learnt about independence, from his experience as a visually impaired 12-year-old, on a three-year journey to make a change.

 What does it take to change a mind | Lucinda Beaman

“Changing your mind about something important takes time, and it takes a lot of effort. Often requires trust and respect. It demands empathy, vulnerability and most of all courage. It’s a skill. And a skill that most of us could be better at”. Being open to changing your mind means really listening to the facts and looking through a different lens. As we navigate challenging waters, and ever-changing news headlines it’s important to listen to understand.

How I taught myself to be more courageous | Magda Szubanski

“We are a fragile species and we face many threats, not least of all, from ourselves. So courage is essential for survival. Most of us value courage and would like to have more of it. But how should we go about getting it?” Not an expert, but a comedian, descended from a long line of brave people, Magda Szubanski shares how she taught herself to become more courageous.

What I learned about conflict from living on mars | James Bevington

“Conflict spreads. Positive moods spread just as easily, and it takes one person” Six people living In isolation for eight months as part of a simulated mission to Mars. James Bevington, the commander on Mission 5 for HI-SEAS shares the invaluable lessons he and his crew learned about interpersonal conflict. It isn’t you and the other party against each other. It’s just another problem, in need of a solution.

 A perfect apology | Jahan Kalantar

As adults, we have two problems. 1, we never learn to say sorry properly. And 2, we’re anxious about doing so. Whilst we are all living in such close confines, and navigating through different phases of feelings, we might incorrectly communicate to those that are closest to us. This talk demonstrates the true power in saying sorry and how to do it in three easy steps.

So, while we have some time up our sleeves in isolation, take a look at these talks that come from some of TEDxSydney’s finest and most inspiring speakers – watched by tens of thousands of people worldwide over the years. Hopefully they ignite ideas to tackle any of the challenges you’re going through and inspire you to keep pushing through these times of change.

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