Google Multi App

Google fly advertising panel in airport


To take Google’s real search results (first party data) and apply them to panels at the most contextually relevant moments within pre-determined pillars of ‘Local’ and ‘Sports’.

This would demonstrate to the audience the level of utility they could access from Google in these popular interest areas, and prompt them to try it themselves on their own panels – phone and desktop.

The ask of OOH was clear: how can location-based media be best used to maximum moments of relevance where Google Search could be used?

oOh! Solution

oOh!’s extensive network across Road, Retail, Rail, Street Furniture, Fly and Office laid the groundwork for the campaign, allowing Google Australia to access an unrivalled amount of contexts – from mindset, location, time of day, weather and more. A strategic buy from PHD then cemented what would become a world class example of audience-centric messaging in DOOH.

Beyond the buy itself, dynamic delivery offered from oOh!’s in-house Innovation Team allowed the creative material to be real-time relevant – pulling in real Google search results that were localized to each one of the 2400+ panels booked.


This contextual, dynamic and collaborative approach resulted in a world-first OOH campaign, unrivalled in scale and impact.

The collaboration between oOh!media, PHD and Google stakeholders resulted in successful campaign that took the GPS coordinates of 2400+ sites, 100 layered artwork files, a large set of copy variations and Google’s first party data to create a series of dynamic packages that displayed in excess of 66,233 unique and localized creatives across the life of the campaign.