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The Customer Hub is now Open!

The Customer Hub is one stop shop for customer service in the oOh!media ecosystem.

Users will be able to access the Customer Hub 24 hours a day and will be protected by Okta Multifactor Authentication.

✓ Fully integrated with Okta Multifactor Authenticator
✓ Enables users to self-serve / self-resolve a set of issues by having access to a substantial Knowledge Base
✓ Request assistance from the CX team on all the regular tasks
✓ Log a technical issue and raise an Uh-oOh
✓ Log in to the Creative Scheduler
✓ Access seasonal downloadable content (previously found at this URL)
✓ Keep track of open requests from submission to completion

If you are an existing customer and already have access to our Creative Scheduler, you can access the Customer Hub now.

If you are an existing customer without access to the Creative Scheduler, and would like access to the Customer Hub, please email cx[at] and we’ll provide access.