Creative campaigns to make you thirsty  

Why is Out of Home creative so important? Creative has a huge impact on campaign performance, delivering 41% of Out of Home ROI and our special builds are the perfect opportunity to immerse commuters in your brand.

To get you inspired for summer, we’ve pulled together a creative showcase of recent special builds from alcohol brands.


Tasked to find a unique way to showcase winemaker Stoneleigh’s connection with sustainability whilst generating mass reach and engagement, the team delivered a retrofit lightbox that could hold live native New Zealand plants, soil, and river stones, and display three bottles of Stoneleigh wine. 


Pinnacle Liquor

This was the first creative execution-led campaign from Pinnacle Liquor. The campaign launched two local beers in the respective states in which they were brewed (NSW & WA).

Pinnacle wanted the new beers to attract a younger, more modern and socially active customer – the kind that loves being out and about, going to events, enjoy slightly more premium beer. To create an impact, the executions used larger-than-life 3D molds of the products and shelter wraps on our street furniture to bring their unique branding to life.

Hendricks Gin 

Hendricks gave our shelters a makeover to show off an eye for the unusual. Extending from the artwork were 3D elements including foliage, giant flowers, illuminated lenticular eyeballs which ‘blinked’ and followed commuters, vibrant plush velvet seat enhancements and floor decals all topped off with an illuminated abbey replica on the roof. Watch a video of the special build here. 

Pure Blonde 

Pure Blonde’s Organic Lager with all-natural ingredients multi-format campaign created an impact with special builds across billboards and street furniture. Billboards featured 2D extensions of dove wings and neon lighting and bus shelters were customised with log seats and faux foliage roof banners to immerse consumers in the brand.