Blackmores’ Vision Care and Energy Launch: Impressive ROI from Out of Home Office advertising – Case Study


Launching a new product, Blackmores, a leading health and wellness brand, wanted to drive reach of Vision Care + Energy.

It was important for Blackmores to target and expand their customer base by reaching two key audiences, office workers and gamers, as well as drive a return on investment.

oOh! Solution

With the goal of expanding reach among office workers and gamers, Blackmores Vision Care + Energy, oOh!media executed a 100% optimised campaign in Out of Home Office environments to reach a national metro Office audience.

To meet the campaign objectives, oOh!media was able to use transactional data to identify and track the changes in brand buying behaviour over the 8 week campaign period.

By solely advertising in Office environments, Blackmores saw a substantial increase in customers compared to the pre-period, showcasing its effectiveness in attracting new buyers.

Key outcomes

During the February to April period, Blackmores Vision Care + Energy’s campaign resulted in a 167% increase in customers compared to the pre-period (1)

The campaign effectively maintained strong penetration among young to mid-aged audiences, while also expanding its penetration to young families with a significant increase of 28%, and budget shoppers with an increase of 18% (1)

Vision Care + Energy successfully attracted new customers to the brand, with the majority 95% of buyers being new buyers, which is significantly higher than the category average of 58% (1)

These outcomes demonstrate the campaign’s ability to effectively reach and resonate with the intended audience of office workers and gamers, driving brand awareness and customer acquisition.

Client Testimonial

Juliet Glynn, Blackmores “Launching Vision Care + Energy has surpassed our expectations. Through oOh!’s ability to effectively reach our targeted audience of office workers and gamers, it’s been our most successful new product launch in over 4 years. Seeing the substantial increase in customers, and the number of new buyers has truly been a game-changer for us, proving that investing in the right advertising channels yields impressive results. Our Vision Care + Energy launch has not only boosted brand awareness but has also delivered a remarkable return on investment. It’s testament to the power of strategic marketing and connecting with our customers in the right environments.”


Source: Quantium, total customers of Blackmores Vision Care + Energy; over Pre and During campaign period. New customers defined as those who had not purchased in the past 12wks (category inter purchase interval)